IV. Turkish-German University Animal Welfare Awards


Leading brands of animal welfare receive their awards

IV. Turkish-German University Animal Welfare Awards Ceremony was held on 14 December. At the ceremony, companies that set an example in the field of animal welfare in Turkey were awarded.
Animal welfare is increasingly coming to the fore in the world and in our country as an ethical obligation and a requirement of sustainability. Today, as consumers become more sensitive to animal rights, many companies have begun to take steps to improve the welfare of animals in their supply chains. The public health risks posed by raising animals in bad conditions also led companies to raise their standards. Since 2017, the Turkish-German University presents the developments in the field of animal welfare in the world and in our country to the companies using these products, makes suggestions for the realization of possible reforms, and presents awards at the end of each year to honour the brands that have made progress in this field.

At the award ceremony, which was held for the fourth time this year, nine brands were awarded in "Good Egg" and "Good Fish" categories.

The Good Egg Award is given to companies that commit to sourcing all the eggs in their supply chain from cage-free systems. The cage system provides almost no natural movement space to the chickens raised for their eggs and is the cruelest system in factory farming. Cage-free systems provide at least the opportunity for animals to move freely in the barn, step on the ground, take a sand bath, rest in perches, and lay eggs in nests. The Good Fish Award is given to companies that undertake to source aquaculture fish in their supply chains from producers with internationally recognized sustainability certificates and use equipment that protects their well-being during harvest.

CarrefourSA, Karaköy Güllüoğlu, Midpoint, Beltur, Özsüt, Beyaz Fırın, Fairmont Quasar İstanbul, Vira Hotels & Suites received awards in the Good Egg category. CarrefourSA has committed that all eggs used in the content of its own brand, national brand, and private label products offered for sale on its shelves will be 100% cage-free by 2030. Karaköy Güllüoğlu has made its egg supply chain 100% cage-free by 2022. Midpoint has made the shell eggs it uses 100% cage-free by 2022 and has made a commitment to the public for 2028 to make the liquid eggs it uses 100% cage-free. Beltur has made its egg supply chain 100% cage-free by 2022. Özsüt has made a public commitment to supply the shell eggs in 2028 and all liquid eggs in 2030 from the cage-free system. Fairmont Quasar Istanbul has declared that by 2022 its egg supply chain is 100% cage-free. Vira Hotel & Suites has committed to a 100% cage-free system in egg supply for 2023. Beyaz Fırın won the Good Egg award for the second time for switching to a free-range system, which is a top animal welfare standard in egg supply.

Metro Türkiye, which has committed to cage-free eggs and to raising aquaculture fish in accordance with animal welfare standards, won two awards in the Good Egg and Good Fish categories. Metro Turkey has committed to supply 100% of its own brand eggs for 2023 and all eggs on its shelves in 2025 from cage-free systems. Achieving 75% cage-free rate in its own branded eggs this year, Metro Türkiye was awarded the Good Egg award for the fourth time this year due to the scale of the retail category. Metro Türkiye also won the Good Fish award this year for its animal welfare reforms in the field of aquaculture.

Attending the ceremony, Turkish-German University Rector Prof. Dr. Cemal Yıldız congratulated all the award-winning companies and wished for the continuation of animal welfare reforms in Turkey, and stated that their support for the progress in this field would continue.