Ten reasons for studying law at TGU

1. Bilingual studies

The Turkish-German University is the only state university that offers a supplementary education in German law in addition to a comprehensive Turkish legal education. About 30% of the lectures are on German law and held in German. Even though there is no possibility to obtain a double degree, studying at TGU offers our students numerous advantages. In particular, the bilingual education not only opens up the opportunity for comparative law, but also embeds what has been learned in an international context.

2. Renowned academics

The Faculty of Law consists of Turkish and German academics who have recognized expertise in their respective fields. The Turkish courses are held by Turkish lecturers, the German courses by German lecturers. The German side is represented by both local academics as well as Flying Faculty colleagues from German universities and colleges.

3. Practice-oriented education system

Our practice-oriented education system combines the best achievements of the Turkish and the German education systems. For example, during the course of study, students are trained in a specific legal technique, which enables them to solve cases in a systematical way. Our students can also gain their first practical experiences in the Legal Clinic and various moot courts. We also encourage our students to attend internships in law firms or institutions and organisations in Turkey and Germany.  At the end of their education, our students are very-well equipped for a career with a legal, judicial, administrative or civil society focus.

International career prospects

The opportunity to learn English as well as German means that our students are particularly well qualified to start their careers in an international environment. More than 7,000 German-partnered companies are operating in Turkey. Our graduates are therefore several steps ahead of other applicants when starting and continuing their careers. The degree also qualifies you to take part in post-graduate programs such as the master's programs in law at TGU.

Specializations in the curriculum

Our curriculum differs from that of many other faculties in its specializations. Various elective courses are offered in both Turkish and German. Our students are thus equipped with legal expertise and special qualifications for Turkish-German and European legal life.

6. Study visits in Germany

Study visits in Germany are strongly encouraged at our university and are also supported by scholarships from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK), depending on performance and capacity. In addition, our students can participate in various exchange programs such as Erasmus. These exchanges enable them to get to know another culture and to deepen their legal knowledge in a new environment.

Excellent student to professor ratio

The number of our students is deliberately kept low compared to other universities. This creates an excellent student to professor ratio, which facilitates individual communication and ensures personal support. Through this, we want to ensure that our students receive the best possible academic support and are able to develop their individual strengths and achieve their goals. Therefore, our lecturers are available to provide our students with advice and support, both professionally and personally.

Optimal teaching conditions

The Turkish-German University is located in the beautiful Beykoz district, just a few minutes' walking distance from the center. The campus is quiet, spacious and surrounded by numerous green areas. The university buildings are characterized by modern architecture and are built according to the latest technology. The lecture rooms and their technical equipment are equally modern. Currently, there are only a few dormitory places at the university itself, but the good connection to the public transport network makes it easy to commute to Beykoz.

Numerous research opportunities

The Faculty of Law at the Turkish-German University conducts a wide range of research projects focusing on both the Turkish and the German legal systems. Through close cooperation with national and international partners, complex research questions are addressed. Their results are regularly presented at conferences and published in journals. In addition, the Law Faculty has its own specialized library, which is excellently equipped with books and journals as well as workstations.

Commitment in numerous extracurricular activities

The Faculty of Law is very active. Numerous events are organized such as translation competitions, moot courts, career days, excursions and many symposia with the participation of renowned academicians. However, students of our faculty are also committed to TGU life by establishing student clubs, participating in competitions, and networking with students from other universities, to enjoy student life and extracurricular activities.